Delta Airlines Computer Outage Public Relations Failures

Delta Airlines offered $200.00 vouchers to travelers delayed by 3 hours or more.

On August 9, 2016 Delta Airlines experienced a system wide computer failure that caused the cancellation or delay of over 2100 flights. The airlines crisis plan had all the right elements but fell short when executed. Delta Airlines Computer Outage Public Relations Failures Delta Airlines Outa For Lack Of A Horse …

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Avoid P.R. Problems: Cyber Self Defense When Playing Pokemon Go

These steps will help prevent your personal information from getting into the wrong hands while playing Pokemon Go.

Avoid P.R. Problems: Cyber Self Defense When Playing Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is the most popular game of its type ever. The challenge for players and others in positions of responsibility is the worry that playing could open them and their employer up to hackers and other on line vulnerability. The …

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Virtual Teams Downside & The Death Of Camaraderie

Virtual Teams Downside. There are lots of people who champion the idea of working from home or some other location that is not the office. Most of the advocates of working from home are the people who want to work from home. They declare that they are more productive with fewer distractions …

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Cruz Iowa Rhetoric Trumped In New York

Donald Trump has certainly said and done some really cringe-worthy things during the 2016 Republican primary season. From his feud with Meagan Kelly to tweets about Heidi Cruz, Trump is often his own worst enemy. Lacking any inner filter, he should hire someone to act as one. But nothing can …

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Don’t Do What Bernie Sanders Did Seven Ways To Avoid Media Gaffes

Some of the worst media relations techniques in recent memory are on full display as the candidates from the two major parties vie for our votes. In the interest of being a non-partisan I promise to ridicule each of the four remaining candidates from both parties equally as they screw …

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