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When Writing Successful Strategies Consider Outcomes First

When Writing Successful Strategies Consider Outcomes First. I recently wrote a proposal to draft a strategy for a company that sells and installs spas. It is a little cool out (even here in Texas) for me to think about contact with water of any kind or temperature in the out of doors, but that’s just me.


Start at the end and work backwards.
Determine what success looks like first and work backwards.

Here is what I suggested.

Start at the end. Define what success looks like and in what period of time. If you want to sell and install 500 spas in 12 months, what has to happen to achieve that goal? Find out the following:

– How many prospects does it take to convert a paying customer? If you need 4 prospects before you make a sale, then you need 2,000 prospects.

– Where will your prospective customers come from? How much money does a household typically need before they can afford a spa? How old are they? Do they have children and if so how many and what ages? Are they professional people or do they work for someone else? Once you know the background of a typical prospect it is a lot easier to send them messages about why they need a spa and why they should buy one from you.

– If you are going to recruit those 2,000 prospects how many messages will it take to cause them to take action? What is the best way to reach them? Is it newspaper ads, radio, TV, direct mail, direct e-mail, or social media? Is it one or all or some of each?

Writing and executing a successful strategy starts with knowing what you want and by when. If you have that, then rest is easier than it is if you do not.

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