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Generic Viagra – Best Solution For Men

Generic Viagra, phosphodiesterase inhibitor by nature, is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra solves the ED problem in large percentage in men. Till now in 90% cases it has proved its efficiency.

Generic Viagra is a drug taken by mouth. Men are required to swallow Generic viagra price pill (only one pill) one hour before the intercourse. After an hour or 45 minutes they can attain best quality erection.

Generic Viagra is effective for viagra prescription about four to five hours.

This medication should not be taken more than one time in a day. It should be consumed in a gap of 24 hours. Generic Viagra is effective in treating erectile dysfunction only in presence of sexual stimulation in the body. Therefore, being sexually aroused is must before taking the drug.

Many people are in a disarray state of mind regarding generic Viagra side effects.

There is no need to disturb the peace of mind thinking about them. Generic Viagra side effects occur very rarely and those occur are generally benign. Headache, blur vision, upset stomach, color blindness, running nose, back pain, drowsiness etc. are among the common side effects of the drug.

They can be troublesome if stay for long time contrary to their nature. Generally they vanish in one or two hours. Serious side effects only occur when the drug is taken with nitrates or with alcohol. Besides, when precautions are not followed serious side effects occur.

Cardiovascular problems, strokes, pain in chest, viagra prices severe drowsiness etc. are symptoms of danger.

Generic Viagra is especially made with the motto to give men pleasurable sex life. And the drug has fulfilled pharmacist's expectation to the full extent.

Today men are just unaware about the pain and suffering of men of the earlier times. They just don't view impotence as a problem. And it's real also. Generic Viagra has shed ED tension from men life completely. The drug provides quality erection to men and also toughness to endure erection for long time.

It is a 100% perfect solution to erectile dysfunction.

Hi this is jennifer davis I have written this article specially for men’s who are suffering from the problem of Erectile dysdunction. The Medicines , are best solutions for ED.