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Why You Should Advertise On Face Book

Locally targeted ads on Facebook are an excellent value for new and/or local business.
Locally targeted ads on Facebook are an excellent value for new and/or local business.

There are more and more small businesses with Face Book pages and others still who join or start interest groups with the idea that these will help them promote their trade. I do not think Face Book is a good venue for corporate business or for those involved in business to business sales. On the other hand if you own a small or just starting put brick and mortar store, or professional practice then Face Book is ideal. Setting up a page on Face Book is free and easy and that is good. But getting it and you in front of potential customers will require some advertising. While not “free” it is very reasonable and a good value, in my experience.

Local Focus

If you own a business with customers that come to you based in some part on proximity, then here you go. Data supports the use of location-based advertising. Gannett’s G/O Digital released a recent survey and found that 60 percent of users viewed a local business’s Facebook page before visiting the business itself. Looking at the reviews on the page was also part of this process. According to a research study from Google, 32 percent of customers visited a store or made a purchase after viewing a location-based ad. Additionally, 19 percent of those customer visits or purchases were unplanned. As far as I know neither Gannett or Google have any direct financial stake here.

Face Book For Local Business

Face Book now has the capabilities that will allow the local merchant the ability to target his or her ads to people located near by. Face Book also allows advertisers the ability to target potential customers by different demographics. Face Book calls these “local awareness ads”.

These ads allow you, the advertiser, to target people who live in your area or even recently paid a visit. Previously the only way to target people on Face Book was via zip code. Anyone with a little experience in direct mail advertising knows this is not efficient. For example, if you owned an auto repair shop there are plenty of people who live in your zip code who could benefit from your service, but most will not. In that zip code are people who do not drive, do not own cars, lease vehicles, have company cars etc. And yes of course, the new local awareness ad targets people in your area now, whether visiting or living there. But wait, there’s more!

You can target your ads based on age, marital status, education, interests and zip code. Most people who own cars and need them repaired fit into a certain demographic category. And if you do not know exactly who those people are, make your ad choices based on the customers you already have. So if most of the people who come to you shop own vehicles that are less than 4 years old and were imported from Germany, bring children with them, wear gear from a university but are clearly too old to be students you can assign them the following on Face Book:

  • income greater than $100,000.00
  • married
  • age 30 – 45
  • college education
  • zip code

Face Book will take that information and point your ad at others on Face Book who fit that profile. There are other options as well. You can assign your ad to an event, like a concert, parade or other special happening. This function can also be linked to the web site that sells tickets for those said events. More often though, the ad needs to point back to your web site where you offer some kind of value added information, coupon or other special offer. This will drive more traffic to your web site, which is almost always the best place to send a prospect.


The cost of ads is based on a few things. Broadly, the amount of time you want it to run and the budget you assign to it. Like Google Adwords, you can set the amount of money you are willing/able to spend and keep it to that. For the special event option, charges can also come based on the number of click-throughs, again just like Adwords.

Another plus is the reporting feature. Face Book will tally the reach, clicks and expense for all of the above. On top of everything it is really easy. If you can post a photo on Face Book, you can set up advertising. I do not mind sharing with you that I have advertised for clients and causes on Face Book with results that were very worthwhile. I hope you also have success with this channel to your prospective customers.



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General Electric and Agent Smith: Terrible Ad For So Many Reasons

I saw the new General Electric advertisement on Saturday Night Live two nights ago and could not get the words out of my mouth fast enough to describe what was wrong with this ad. Sure, only our dog “Lucky” was there to hear me, but she is an excellent listener.

In case you have not seen the ad, GE is advertising their software for medical machines. Actor Hugo Weaving recreates his Agent Smith character from The Matrix movie series in the full greenish tinted non-reality of The Matrix.

Here are just a few of the problems with this ad:

– The last Matrix installment was years ago and no one saw it except die-hard fans like me. None of the final two movies were as compelling as the original, which was one of the better science fiction movies ever.

– Selling medical machines and their software is a business to business sell. You do not advertise products like these on a program where ads are crafted for consumers. The demographics for SNL skew younger so you can’t say it’s for shareholders or Wall Street.

– Agent Smith is the bad guy in the movies. A world class bad guy who represents the ultimate evil (Satan) opposing Neo (actor Keanu Reeves) who is the savior of mankind.Would you want Darth Vader taking an X-Ray of you? Not bloody likely.

– Agent Smith hates humans and everything about them. In one line he tells Morpheus (actor Lawrence Fishburne) that humans are like a virus that infect the earth. Later he speculates about his disgust with mankind “maybe it’s the smell.” Bed side manner?

– No one watching Saturday Night Live gives a hobos’ crap about medical machines. Wrong media, wrong audience, wrong messages.

– At the end of the ad there are two huge mistakes. Agent Smith answers an old fashioned telephone. Only the good guys in the movies did this as a way to navigate in and out of the Matrix. Agent Smith would not have done this.

– Another huge goof, Smith offers a kid a red or a blue sucker. Morpheus offers Neo a choice of a red pill or a blue pill to see the reality of the Matrix. Smith would not have done this.

What went wrong?

In his book, “Ogilvy On Advertising” author and advertising legend David Ogilvy wrote about a condition he named “art directoritis”. Roughly stated, it’s when art directors forget that their job is to help sell products with messages about how they will deliver value and benefits to the customer. Instead, you get “art” that has little to do with anything useful to customers or potential customers. The art directors at the agency that produced this travesty have too much money and not enough accountability to their client. And what about shareholders? They really got screwed. This ad should have been print and run in business trade magazines. But since those are not “sexy” and will not win Cleo’s you got this expensive train wreck.

From Adweek, Agent Smith makes what are probably pretty good medical machines seem really creep.
From Adweek, Agent Smith makes what are probably pretty good medical machines seem really creepy.