Ready To Use Media Lists

Top 40 U.S. Business Media
Access to the most influential business media in the country for one dollar each.

Media lists. Our pre-made lists are the fastest, easiest way to access media contacts anywhere for any price. You download the list directly from here, without any issue. For each of our lists you receive:

  • The main media contacts’ name whether the editor, reporter, assignment editor at the respective publication or TV/radio station.
  • Email address: this is the address where releases are accepted by a given outlet. While not always the name of the person, it is sometimes something like, so do not be surprised.
  • Phone number: the direct line to the newsroom or extension to an individual if published. We only publish switchboard lines if those are the only ones available.
  • Website address: The website of the outlet.


We keep prices as low as possible and charge one dollar per contact on the page. We tell you in advance the number of contacts and a list of the outlets you are purchasing.

Here Are The Links

All the details about each list is listed through the links below.

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Customized Media Lists

Some topics are more esoteric than others. But they do have media that cover them and we can find them. Even for the most off the wall topics if you need it, a complete media list of contacts, personal phone number and e-mails and pitching details for $1.00 per contact. You only get what you need and only pay for what you receive. Plus, I will be happy to consult with you at no charge about how to assemble the best list possible based on your goals.

Everything the Expensive Services Offer for $1.00

I charge $1.00 for each contact which will include name, address, personal phone number, personal e-mail address, and pitching tips that other businesses pay thousands for. All the accuracy and data of the expensive online subscription services but at a fraction of the cost. And you only get charged once, not monthly like with the subscription services.<code><!– Google Tag Manager –>
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