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Beneficial Tips And Precautions For Using Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra is the best and one of the well-known medication for treating Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence.

The chief parent chemical component is the Sildenafil Citrate which makes this magic takes place. This chemical works equivalent as in branded Viagra.It works by inhibiting the enzyme PDE5 which hampers the blood flow to penis.

Generic Viagra cures this main cause of impotence.

It increases the blood flow to penis by encouraging the production of enzyme cGMP which allows the blood to flow to penile areas. This helps in getting perfect erection for long time.Generic Viagra has really helped the human race to fight against the erectile dysfunction. Therefore it is important to know the proper usage of this drug.

Here are some valuable tips how you can get the best of Generic Viagra and relish the erotic moments in life:

Before consuming Generic Viagra feel free to speak with your physician. Clear your medical history and share if you have any allergies, your physical conditions and other problems that you may be facing.

Generic Viagra can be taken without prescription as it is safe.

But it is necessary to understand the dose required by your body. Therefore take the proper dosage prescribed by the physician. Do not alter the dosage as per your requirement.

Consuming Generic Viagra will directly not give you erection. It is very important to understand that this medication will only work if you are sexually excited.

After consuming the drug its starts effecting within 15-20 min only if you are sexually excited.

Do not hurry after consuming Generic Viagra. Relax and do not worry that whether it will work or not. Your physician has given you proper dosage and it will work.

Therefore be cool and let the medication work. The effect of this drug lasts for 4-6 hours and it can be enough time for you, viagra otc so no rushing. If you still fail so there is nothing to worry may be there is a need of altering the dosage for which you can speak to your physician.

Consume your medication at proper intervals.

The medication is consumed 30-45 min prior viagra to the sexual intercourse and the effect takes place within 15-20 min. It might take some more time depending upon the sexual stimulation and physical condition.

Avoid fatty and heavy meal before consuming Generic Viagra Otc.

It is more effective if taken on empty food or at low meal. Consuming drug on fatty or high meal may lessen the absorption power and will take time for erecting.

Some precautions:

  • After consuming Generic Viagra get up slowly and avoid hard work because it can give you dizziness.
  • If you are taking nitrates you are not allowed to take the drug.
  • Do not take Generic Viagra if you are allergic to citrates or Sildenafil Citrate.
  • If you experience any severe side effects for about 3-4 hours then you should consult the physician.
  • Avoid alcohol with Generic Viagra as this reacts with medication and will not give effective results.

In this way, if you consume Generic Viagra safely and properly you can enjoy the sexual pleasure easily and forever.

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