Nine Ways To Write DIY Guides

TweetNine Ways To Write DIY Guides. I promised that I would give directions on all 13 of the suggestions for creating content in my post from March 10, 2015 and I am a man of my word. First a little background on why this matters. The reason that public relations…

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Five Style Ideas for Writers from David Ogilvy

TweetIntroduction: Five Style Ideas for Writers from David Ogilvy! We spend a lot of time on the blog talking about writing. Bloggers typically like to write, I certainly do. Writing is the core of what bloggers, public relations and advertising people do. It’s unlikely that anyone would debate that or try…

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Six Tips For Reporter Follow-Ups That Get Publicity

TweetThe silence of the media recognition you crave, is just part of the landscape unless you are smart enough to change it. Six Tips For Reporter Follow-Ups That Get Publicity. The Press Release Is Out & Time To Follow Up With Reporters; To Call Or Not To Call? If you work…

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Measles Vaccine Controversy: Public Relations Nightmare

TweetWhat do vaccines, public advocacy by the pharmaceutical industry and the “tin foil hat” crowd have in common? We’ll get to all of this. Measles Vaccine Controversy: Public Relations Nightmare. First, skipping your measles vaccination is not a good idea as measles are contagious and can lead to complications up to…

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Managing Public Relations For Frackers

TweetManaging Public Opinion For Frackers. Natural gas fracturing, or fracking as it is known, can help make the U.S. energy independent and a net exporter of energy within five years. Unfortunately, public opinion outside of the industry is very negative when it comes to the practice of freeing natural gas…

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Poo-Pourri’s Television Commercial On You Tube Is Genius

Click Here To Watch The Video and Be Prepared to Laugh. 

The You Tube ad for Poo Pourri is entertaining and informative, the mark of any good ad.

The You Tube ad for Poo Pourri is entertaining and informative, the mark of any good ad.

I hate watching commercials. I can endure a few but more often than not they are played end to end for way to kong. But, Poo-Pourri’s Television Commercial On You Tube Is Genius. If all commercials were as well made as this one not only would I watch them, I’d write about them here.

Skip The Commercials

Like most television watchers with the means and/or challenging schedule, I record shows for viewing later when I have time to watch and enjoy them. Known as “time shifting”, we can watch when there is time and we can use the fast forward button to skip through commercials (we call this “boofing” as in “can you boof through the commercial”). This is especially handy for watching NFL and NCAA Football. Where strings of ads play after every punt, quarter change, halftime, kickoff and let’s not forget the long breaks where plays are reviewed. A sixty minute game can and will stretch to four hours with all of the ads, and unfunny blather from Howie and Terry, but I digress.

Television Ads Are Reborn

Now, the television or video commercial is reborn on You Tube with this ad for Poo-Pourri, a spray that covers the smell of public pooping. Who hasn’t not wanted to poop at a party, friends house, airliner, etc.? Poo-Pourri not only makes it O.K. but is incredibly entertaining. If you have not seen the ad, picture the Orbit chewing gum model of “dirty mouth” fame, talking about taking a big old, stinky dump and you have the picture.

This ad works because it is relatable, informative and entertaining if not downright funny. It also asks for the order in that the charming, British pooper-actress on screen tells you how and where to buy it.

Watch for yourself. This ad is genius.