10 Ways To Publicize Your Small Business

Tweet10 Ways To Publicize Your Small Business  Whether you run Dow Chemical or the Dairy Queen there is no substitute for positive publicity. Most successful small business owners realized early that marketing was a very important if not the most important part of staying in business. But where to start?…

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9 Steps To Successfully Market Your Self Published Book

Market your book to have a chance of selling anythin

Tweet9 Steps To Successfully Market Your Self Published Book. Lots of people write and self-publish their own books. In the age of electronic publishing, nobody even needs paper never mind ink anymore. But the challenges for authors remains the same and that is this; how to get people be aware…

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Mylan CEO Bresch Creates PR Nightmare

Mylan Pharmaceuticals raised the price of the EpiPen beyond the ability of most to afford it.

TweetMove over Martin Shrkeli. Corporate greed and hubris has a new face. While her appearance is only slightly nicer than Shrkeli’s her ability to generate public relations troubles for her company are on an even par. And what of the public relations people who have to provide cover for this…

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Delta Airlines Computer Outage Public Relations Failures

Delta Airlines offered $200.00 vouchers to travelers delayed by 3 hours or more.

TweetOn August 9, 2016 Delta Airlines experienced a system wide computer failure that caused the cancellation or delay of over 2100 flights. The airlines crisis plan had all the right elements but fell short when executed. Delta Airlines Computer Outage Public Relations Failures Delta Airlines Outa For Lack Of A Horse…

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Virtual Teams Downside & The Death Of Camaraderie

TweetVirtual Teams Downside. There are lots of people who champion the idea of working from home or some other location that is not the office. Most of the advocates of working from home are the people who want to work from home. They declare that they are more productive with fewer distractions…

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Don’t Do What Bernie Sanders Did Seven Ways To Avoid Media Gaffes

TweetSome of the worst media relations techniques in recent memory are on full display as the candidates from the two major parties vie for our votes. In the interest of being a non-partisan I promise to ridicule each of the four remaining candidates from both parties equally as they screw…

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Martin Shkreli An Awfully Rich Guy Who Is Really Awful

TweetMartin Shkreli An Awfully Rich Guy Who Is Really Awful. Martin Shkreli Beyond Any Help from Public Relations Pros. With a smirk that would be the envy of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, former drug company CEO and future convict, Martin Shkreli made his disdain for human kind even more…

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